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Video Package or Request A Quote

If you’ve been thinking of hiring a video production company for your next video to ease some of that stress, consider Bizion Productions! We have expert production teams placed in multiple cities, creating many video and audio commercials in the process from small to large businesses dealing with a variety of price point budgets (View Past Work Here).


When you’re preparing to launch a video project, the price point is often of particular interest. Although it’s impossible to give an exact estimate for your project without hearing your specific goals and parameters, we can go over the typical price range for each of our most common video types. Just let us know what you’re looking for on your creative call and we discuss the options.


$850.00 Video Special

Video Business Ad for Instagram, Facebook or TV



Package Includes

Footage of Location or Product

Up to 60 Seconds in Length

Professional Voice Over in Desired Language or Accent (Male or Female)

Scriptwriting (Description of Business Based on Subject and or Items)


Background Music (Instrumental)

Business Information (Website, Phone Number, Address, Social Media)

Completed MP4 File



Additional Services Available

(Optional Not included in Package)


Customized Jingle

Actors or Actresses (Animals Available if Needed)

Referral Agency (Need Help Seeking Platforms to Advertise Your Video?)

Billboard Design

Audio Ads (For Radio)


Promote Your Business Now!


At the end of the day, there are tons of video options when you’re creating content for your brand, and we work with you to craft the perfect combination to achieve your goals and budget. If you do not require all of the bells and whistles and just want to focus on getting your business information out, take advantage of our unique Video Package or contact us and request a quote if you need the extras. Just remember that Bizion Productions will always have your business covered!

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